Match Report U7 Sharks – 03-05-2008

vs Blaxland Cougars
Opposition Score 1

Match Report It's been 3 weeks since the last game, but the boys were in good form on a bright, early Saturday morning. Today was probably the first week where we saw passing between players. A Sharks player, when in possession of the football, looked to his team mates to see where he could pass the ball – well done, boys! Keep up the good work in showing and developing this skill. We also saw a lot more of the Sharks trying to go around their opposition, rather than through them. Again, well done, for being aware enough to do this. Jacob Bishop and Kegan Ryan were our goal scorers in the first half, with both boys also having other shots at goal that ended up as close misses. Jake and Kegan also scored in the second half, as did Drew Hamilton. Like the first half, Kegan had a number of misses at goal, and boy, did his disappointment look like something the Italian World Cup team would be proud of! Our three goal scorers were ably supported by the rest of their teammates – Joshua Kuipers, Lachlan Yabsley and Sasha Duetoft. Well done, Sharkies – we're looking forward to a great game next week, where you can impress your families more with your developing ball skills, as taught to you by coach-extraordinaire, Jason Ryan! Martin Bishop, thanks again, for "reffing" the game – sterling job!
Goal Scorers Jake (2), Kegan (2), Drew (1)
Player of the Match Kegan Ryan