Match Report U7 Bears (04-05-2013)





U& Alligators



Match Report

A very competitive game today against the Alligators.

Wil started off the game in a great way by taking the ball up and around some defenders and did a kick from the left side of the field to score.

Mason’s passing today was exceptional and he put one up through the centre to Harry who then scored a great goal.

Harry was also backing up his team mates all the time.

Joey was injured early on but after some magic water he was back on the field and calling for his team mates.

Daniel’s kicking strength has improved out of sight and he booted one in from nearly half way.

Jasper’s defence was outstanding and saved a goal from going over the line on the final whistle.

Great game Bears.

Goal Scorers

Wil, Daniel, Harry

Player of the Match