Match Report U5 Kangaroos (21-07-2012)




U5 Jaguars


Match Report

What a fantastic game played by 2 very good young teams. All the Kangaroos played a great game and really tried hard for each other.

Nicholas Michaleris showed great maturity playing a more defensive role repelling lots of Jaguar attacks. One tackle in particular was timed to perfection and saved a certain goal.

Thomas Cartman really continues to improve and is starting to show the potential he has. He chased well and dribbled the ball on a number of occasions.

Bodhi Jack was also rock solid in defense and also produced some great tackles and moved the ball well.

Ava Tong started well and is a little speed machine. Her movement around the pitch is excellent.

Jasmine Filla had a terrific game and scored one of the quickest hat-tricks ever seen (about 90 seconds).

Anybody watching this game would have to agree that there is certainly more to U5 football than getting the kids to run in the correct direction. Well done to both teams.

Goal Scorers

Jasmine Filla, Bodhi Jack.

Player of the Match

Jasmine Filla.