Match Report U15.2 – 24-04-2010





Emu Plains



Match Report

Emu Plains didn’t give up especially Player 4; they had only 7 in the team. They are an inspiration. Goals by Coad, Nathan, Reece, Liam N and Liam B, Josh, Ravi and a surprise one by Kurt. Our team is working well. We missed many attempts at goal, so the score could have been much greater. Next week we are on at Jamison Park 6 @1.30 so be there early to warm up. OJs Coad please.

Goal Scorers

Coad x1, Reece x 1, Liam N x 3 and Liam B x1, Josh x2, Ravi x1, Nathan x1 and a surprise goal by Kurt.

Player of the Match