Match Report U13.5 – 31 March, 2007

Team Match Report Under 13.5
vs Glenmore Park
Opposition Score 7

Match Report A tale of two halves and tall grass

On a balmy saturday afternood the junior Blues headed to the lush pastures of Glenmore Park. All the training didnt prepare the team for the jungle of Glenmore and passing the ball in the first half resembled hacking out of the rough at royal St Andrews with a 9 iron. Soft passes didnt hit their mark and our players started bunching and before long became confused and even started tackeling our own. The side line was no a place to be and things didnt get better with a disjointed back line due to the absence of the general, saw at one stage us playing with two sweepers and still they kept comming. The offside trap was continiously sprung but never rewarded, such was our day. It was a nice day however and the blues worked tirelessly all over the park. Most noticable were Michael, Brianna and the tireless Wade while Ben in goals kept the score down to 5 zip instread of 25 zip such was the traffic.
A half time talk seemed fruitful as the team turned around a frustrating first half and passes were finding the marks providing plenty to cheer about. Movement of the ball began to flow and marking up man to man stiffled glenmores attack and gave us plenty of ball time. Our initial competativeness started to show on the field as we clearly showed were every bit as good if not better than the opposition and won the second half 3-2. The junior blues showed that they have plenty of ticker and allowing for 3 offside decisions against us the real score card should have read 4-3. But things are as they are and the game did have a silver lining. The kids learnt jungle warefare and a never say die attitude. All in all a pleasing result and a grade lower may be more realistic this year but its only early and even with a somewhat under strenght side we were still competetive.
Special mention to the newcombers Hanna Olivia and Jordan and welcome to the furstrating beautiful game, heads up you all did well as did all the players that day.

Goal Scorers Dont remember as its a team effort but probarbly Brianna and Michael
Player of the Match Tim & Rebecca