Match Report U13.5 – 26-05-2007

vs WentworthFalls
Opposition Score 0
Match Report Blue skies, thin air & ladies day. The young bluies visited Wentworth falls on a glorious sunny day and delighted a large crowd with some great football. On a large ground the young blues tended to dominate midfield where the majority of the match was bogged down. Numerous attacking raids were thwarted by the four-man opposition defense but strikers Brianna and Brendan battled on. Little joy for them but they pushed all day and wore the backs out. The midfield was controlled nicely by Ben, Michael and Rebecca. The three seemed everywhere and slid between the wings and backs to forwards and drove most of the play around the park. Minor positional changed proved a benefit as Katie and Hanna closed down their side allowing Tim to show off his versatility as sweeper sneaking into midfield on numerous occasions to bolster the midfield while shutting down runaway attacks by the opposition who to their credit pushed us all the way. Most teams must look at the numerous girls in the team but it was the girls who fired up and drove the team in all fairness, Particularly Lauren who has developed into a fine thinking footballer and knew herself where to be and where the team was short, Rebecca’s impressive work rate in Midfield and Katie’s & Olivia’s solid defensive performance. Daniel & Morgan held a clean sheet and both were solid in goals, Morgan’s timing and reading of the game in the first half and Daniels gutsy saves in the second half as the thinner air took its toll. Jordan worked the right wing hard and defended his side well while the little general directed his back line well as usual. Michaels smartly taken goal early in the second half proved the ultimate difference in a game dominated by the Bluies. All in all an impressive team performance with the team unlucky not to have scored more goals. But the day belonged to the girls and the hard working midfielders.
Goal Scorers Michael
Player of the Match Katie