Match Report U13.5 – 21 April, 2007

vs Springwood
Opposition Score 6
Match Report

When is a 6-1 loss a great result?

When you hold a team two divisions higher for most of the game. This week’s game hosted a strong Springwood outfit fielding numerous div 2 & 3 players and the assignment was to hold the opposition player for player. Defense being the order of the day a first and see what transpires.

The team went out and played what could only be called inspirational football with resolute tackling and man marking that clearly rattled the opposition. Compressing the field saw close contact between the players and every rain was shut down before it got a chance to start while we constantly surged goal bound as often as the opposition.

With a nil all score three minutes from half time something had to give and did as the opposition pushed in numbers to record the first goal. A second half goalie change and a more relaxed approach to the game resulted in three early yet soft goals saw the score blow out. The kids soldiered on and whilst two more goals were recorded the effort for Springwood was visibly hard yakka. A late consolation goal to the first half goalie was a silver lining to what had been an arduous task. This is the game in the final analysis.

The truth of the matter is that the team worked to two differing game plans in each half and executed said plans brilliantly. The backs were instructed to compress the field and engage the opposition one to one and cover for each other. And they did. The mid field was to man mark their opponent and not to let them run while the strikers had to surge forward at ever opportunity and spread the game into the opposition half where the game was to be played out.

This was executed perfectly and allowed numerous shots on goal. With so many opportunities we were unlucky with good chances passing by. The game was slowed in midfield and play generally grinded to a halt. The defense held strong as usual (thanks to Katie, Dan and Olivia) but in truth it was the efforts of Wade, Morgan and Rebecca. Tim as sweeper was very effective while the pace of Michael provided ample support.

Second half was an opportunity for Morgan to hone her goalie skills which was well sluggish at first but later let Morgan find her inner Schwartzer while Ben reveled in sweeper then in midfield and finally as goal scorer. Jordan and Hanna showed steady improvement and Olivia was outstanding again in the second half. Positions were tweaked a little but same objective and irrespective of the score line the outcome couldn’t have been better.

For the forwards it was smooth sailing even though they didn’t register a goal. A frustrated Brianna found her appetite in the second half while Ashleigh found a life after striker in midfield and seemed to enjoy the close quarters.

The team spirit forged in the heat of battle, an all for one spirit, a determination to keep pushing on and a gift to the opposition so we don’t see them again. A truly proud and inspirational weekend. Well done kids

Goal Scorers Ben
Player of the Match Morgan