Match Report U13.5 – 19-05-2007

vs Colo
Opposition Score 4
Match Report

Fortune favours the brave The young Bluies hosted Colo for a bottom of the ladder clash. The team lifted after last weeks lack luster performance but a very unflattering scoreline didn't really reflect the game.

In fact it couldn't be further from the truth. Again we were ripped off with one off side decision resulting in a goal and we seemed to be unlucky on many occasions all over the park. With some new positional changes the midfield did patch the large holes prevelant in last weeks game thanks mainly to the efforts of Lauren, Rebecca and Ben who co-incidentally were the award winners this week. Lauren in particular showed up in all the right places and was instrumental in moving the ball around the park. Rebecca held her position with ruthless efficiency as has been the case these past weeks.

Ben and Michael were busy all over the park but just simply couldnt be everywhere needed, although they seemed to be. Ben enjoyed a day in the field which saw goal keeping duties by Daniel Mc who provided inspirational keeping in the first half throwing his brave little frame around thereby reducing the score to 1 nil at Half time. Morgan tried hard but was on the end of some unfortunate decisions and a tiring backline plus being unfortunately exposed to some great shots on goal. A 4 foot goalie in a 6 foot goal is a big ask.

Eventually it was again simple stuff that turned the ball over and reduced our control of the game. In addition the opposition boasted two lightning quick strikers who pounced on through balls faster and was the key to Colos win. Not even Daniel L or Tim could shut them down all the time but both generally played strong throughout the game. Goal kicks also weren't cleared and this allowed more opposition time in our half which didnt help matters.

The strikers also had no joy on a day where every one pushed hard the whole game but came up short for some reason. I can't fault anyone or any thing but can only repeat fortune favours the brave. The team needs to think brave, and we may get some fortune, and leave this little rut which we find ourselves in. On a bright note, training drills are showing real improvements amongst the newer members and within the team generally. As a basis this should hold the team in good shape down the track.

Goal Scorers Unfortunately nil
Player of the Match Lauren