Match Report U13.5 – 16 July, 2005

vs Penrith RSL
Opposition Score 3
Match Report The first half started out fast and furious with the team coming together to play a very exciting but hard game of soccer. Andrew received a well placed kick from Liam but the defence were just as quick and recovered and moved quickly to their end of the field. Ben was tested for the first time and did not disappoint with a terrific save. Ben kicked a fantastic ball to Tom and Tom passed it onto Tim which enabled Tim to have a run down the side. Sarah working hard the whole time with well placed kicks to the forwards. Cameron never put a foot wrong and was always there backing up the play. Brenton put in a great kick through to Sarah and then onto Scott and Scott passed an extremely well placed ball to Cameron. Brenton then put through another kick to Andrew who took a shot but the shot went slightly wide. The defence quickly grabbed the ball and moved to their end to score. The score is now 1-0. After the kick off Brenton did some great weaving and crossed a ball to Cameron who in turn passed the ball to Andrew and then to Blake.

The second half the boys determination was very evident with Cameron taking the kick to Brenton, who did some lovely footwork beating 4 defenders and passed the ball to Scott who in turn also did some fantastic footwork. Tim then receiving a great ball, sending it onto Liam and Liam went down the left side and had a shot at goals, but the goalie saved that attempt. Shortly after Cameron received a great ball from Brenton to took off to the goals, the goalie tackled Cameron creating a penalty shot in front. Brenton took the shot and scored making the score 1-1. Shortly after RSL took the ball with Ferrett trying his utmost to stop the shot, but RSL finally scored again making the score 2-1. Our team still tried their hearts out with many more attempts, but RSL again got a chance and tore away to score another goal, making the final score 3-1.

A great effort from the “whole team” today, especially our borrowed players Cameron, Blake and Andrew. Thank you boys for the great effort.

Goal Scorers Brenton Bell (1)
Player of the Match Ben Hampson