Match Report U13.5 – 12 May, 2007

vs Bligh Park
Opposition Score 4
Match Report Sleepy eyes, sleepy head & sleepy feet

On a beautiful clear and warm Saturday the young Bluies hosted Bligh Park at home. A full team turned up to what was anticapated to be a yet another exciting game based on the teams improvement and performance over the past weeks.

Facing a ten man Blight Parks squad of giants, expectations were high but soon deflated as a tired and disjointed bluies outfit played some underwhelming football for the most part with some bright glimpses of their best. The game was end to end and it was more of a case of choosing the wrong option at a bad time, and this escalated as the game went on.

The low level of passion was consistent throughout the team but Morgan, Daniel Mc and Brendan were firing on all cylinders. For the record Bligh Park to their credit pushed us at every opportunity and capatalised on their attacking raids, which were few buy effective.

The normally reliable backs stood firm but did show there were weaknesses, more a result of application of their craft than mistakes. The midfield seemed to labour and there was little cohesion with much of the play building up well but breaking down at the critical moment.

You can not say we were out of the game but we were our own worst enemy and in the final analysis Bligh Park came to play, and did and rightly got the points. Pleasing to see Hanna starting to make more in roads down the wing while Jordans reading of the play and personal positional game has come on in leaps and bounds.

The mid certainly did work hard as evidenced by the red face of Rebecca, Lauren and Michael but smart hard work reaps results, hard work on its own is just that. In fairmess the bounce of the ball didnt go our way but it is in itself no excuse.

The strikers soldiered on but typical of the day came up short except for a nicely taken goal by Ashleigh who is now on the books and hopefully is a sign of things to come.

These things happen from time to time and hick ups along the way are part of the season. After a series of hickups we call in the doctor but there is no room for panic just yet.

All in all some lessons to be learnt (win as a team, lose as a team). Some glimpses of training did show through but ultimately is was the consistent bad choises that led to our own demise. That happens…..Thats footy.

Goal Scorers Michael & Ashleigh
Player of the Match Brendan