Match Report U13.5 – 04-08-2007

vs Cranebrook
Opposition Score 7
Match Report What’s in a score line? Well very little in light of this weekends result against a visiting Cranebrook on a bright sunny morning. A thinner than usual squad took to the field and for most held their shape and created plenty of opportunities working both sides of the field as well as the centre but all efforts we to no avail as each shot went wide or attacks fizzled to nothing, while the few Cranebrook attacks were very profitable. It was just one of those days at the office, even the opposition’s coach was at a loss when the game finished. It seems that the opposition was too big and too fast for our chargers, especially on a fast pitch that favoured them. Nevertheless the young bluies were gallant in defeat and could see the lighter side of the day. On most days we would have gotten away with a one or two goal victory but footy is a strange business and odd things often do happen when you least expect it. The busiest area of the field was in the centre of the ground where Rebecca, Wade Michael, Ben and Morgan worked their butt off and all players were in the thick of it all day. The midfield moved the ball around all day on looked really good….right up until some movements broke down and the Cranebrook strikers pounced with too much pace on our backs. Poor General Tim and Brendan could do little and defended for most of the day quite well but the few (and I mean very few) opportunities they had the capitalised. Second Half goalie Morgan copped a hiding from the strikers but was credited with some spectacular saves charging down the strikers twice her size, a gutsy performance in deed. Ben on the other hand snuffed out numerous opportunities in the first half but even he couldn’t stop two screamers which pretty much sums up our Day. Strong performances by Olivia, Lauren and hand who had b brilliant day on the wing despite being sick and below her fittest. And finally no joy for the strikers Brianna and Ashley who were well fed by the midfield but kept under wraps by an often six man defensive line up, the likes of which I hadn’t seen before. So what’s in a score line that reads 7-0 ? I would say what happened there but know we learnt a lot. As I say you learn precious little from winning but more from losing. Hopefully we as a team can apply what we learnt this weekend in the finals.
Goal Scorers  
Player of the Match Rebecca