Match Report U13.5 – 03-06-2007

vs Blaxland
Opposition Score 3
Match Report Local Derby Day. One of the favorite days of the year are local derby days and none come more competative that those against our cousins the Redbacks. The team was well prepared for the game ahead. Typically the derby was a close affair but complicated by the one coaches (Rob) committment to the 15.3's on the adjoining field and Dave having to sprint off to his all age teams game at half time. Cometh the hour cometh the man and Michael stepped up to the plate abely assisted by trusty Martin who took control of our young chargers and did a splendid job. Rob was repeatedly sent to his box on the other field such was the buzz around the game. Couldn't help but stick his beak in. It was truly a day local day with the Rob & Dave having effectively coached over 80% of the kids on both teams over the years (including their coach), hence the simmilar punch and counter punch style of football. A very entertaining affair with the spectaters being the real winners. Love that cliche. Mid way through the first half Bluies found themselves behind after the offside trap was sprung but not awarded. This after a tight battle again you know where… midfield. Dan L and his backs were often on their heels but kept most things under control while Bri and Ash hammered away up front. Then another 11 metre penalty and enter Ben who put away goal 5 from 4 (read earlier reports to work it out kids). One all became 2-1 then 2 all thanks to some skillfull foot work from Wade leaving the redbacks in his dust leveled the score which, then down to 3-2 just before the break. Michael forgot his radar and gave the goalie a good working over. Note to Mick….must hit net. I know their goalie is your mate….but. Traffic most of the second half went our way predominantly and Dan Mc made a few great saves late in the game. The real show stopper was a neatly taken goal from Ash off a pass across goal that was tucked away off the outside of the boot. Very nice, both the cross and the goal confirming training works. But the smiles of the goal scorers and goal assistants pretty much summed up the draw, they were beaming, especially Ash who showed our girls and boys could mix it with their boys. They need more girls. The derby certainly lived up to its billing and a generously sized crowed were deafening in the silence of the 15.3 but thats another report. All in all a good day had by all while a win would have helped more, a draw is not bad. Big games were had by Morgan keeping former team mate Jacob quiet, Dan L, Katie, Hanna, and Ben in goals and Midfield. Always nice to see the goalie slam a winner past his opposite number. Next Derby Day is soon and a return visit to the old stomping ground should be another entertaining and tight affair going by sundays game. Thanks to the spectators and Michael and Martin for stepping in the couldron….. the scene of many amusing moments and blunders.
Goal Scorers Ben, Wade & Ashley
Player of the Match Ben