Match Report U12.2 – 15-05-2010








Match Report

Glossodia are a class act but we really made them work hard to earn the points. Up until half time our tough and at times, desperate defending keep us within one goal. Partnership Cameron Haywood and Brandon Dejonge were both superb defending wave after wave of oppostion attacks. Josh Cox keeping Goals was awesome and without him the scoreline would of been far worse.

Ben Cross won everything in the air and Tom Bowden proved hard to get past while playing fullback.

Our consolation goal came when Tristan Watson combined quick passing with Nicholas Giles who struck the ball firmly into the back of the net. Nick was unlucky moments later when another well hit strike was parried by the goalkeeper.

POTW was won by Cam Haywood, a newcomer and huge assett to this team. Solid in the tackle and incredibly intelligent with his distribution of the ball.

The boys seemed a little bit disheartened after the game but there was no need to be, they played a well drilled outfit, and we’ve still got plenty of wins and good football left in us yet.

Goal Scorers

Nicholas Giles

Player of the Match