Match Report U10.3 – 26-07-2008

Opposition Score 0

Match Report Our third consecutive one- nil victory as we easily outplayed the opposition. The platform was built in midfield where Phillip Talbot, Chris Edwards, Josh Cox and Callum Sinclair constantly won the ball and looked to put us back on the attack. Strikers Isaac Morris and Nicholas Giles played great games, both players incredibly physical despite their size, and were unlucky not to score. Corners were delivered in a variety of styles, the quick thinking of Phillip, Isaac and Nicholas constantly suprising the Falls defence. Phillip and Chris seem to be having their own private battle for 'Goal of the Season' and this was another contender from Phillip. On the edge of the area he caught the ball sweetly and it flew into the net. Once again all the team showed a great understanding of positional play as we cruised to an easy three points. POTM was awarded to Timothy Kniha, a solid performance at several positions and once again proved he's one of the fittest in the team.
Goal Scorers PHILLIP TALBOT….the battle continues with Chris for Goal of the Season!
Player of the Match TIMOTHY KNIHA….can play all eleven positions with great skill and ease!