Match Report U10.2 (19-05-2012)








Match Report

From the KO Jack Higgins ripped into the oppositions defence but we couldn’t finish off our chances. Ben Hurley hit a long range drive which was brilliantly saved by the GK. When Harry Burns came off the Subs Bench we looked even sharper up front, but still couldn’t find the back of the net.

At the other end of the field, defenders D’arcy Salmon and Hunter Turl were both awesome. Hunter’s timing on clearances was perfect, and he took home the POTW Trophy.

Luke Doughty went on several amazing dribbles and Aiden Monaco constantly worked hard but it was just one of the days where you come away empty handed.

It was a wonderful game of football to watch, extremely fast and physical, and hopefully shows that Blue Mountains FC have got a team in Division 2 that can be competitive.

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