Match Report O35.4 (17-04-2011)





St Clair



Match Report

We watched the 035.5’s put in a 5 star performance – Trigger maintaining his ‘goal a game’ for the season promise.

Uncle Chop Chop brought his mutt along for the afternoon and it was good to see that the dog had a better aim than his owner – piddling all over Chop’s bag.

Swinger was back and judging by the swagger in his stride from the car park to the sideline he had made plenty of new friends in Armidale. Finding only one sock in his kit bag there were no prizes for guessing what the other one was keeping warm.

The game? Yes, better write something about that:
– We scored a truck load of goals
– La Celeste was on fire
– One own goal…oh, go on then, Chop Chop’s first goal for Bluey’s
– We scored a truck load of goals
– Gazza got booked for a vicious, studs up, reckless, intentional, hack from behind
– The Kaiser nearly broke the bar with a thunderbolt and then cooly finished with the outside of the boot two minutes later
– Swinger went off injured with a groin strain and there was a queue from the ground halfway up Levy Street of bored housewives offering to hold the ice pack for him
– Did I mention we scored a truck load of goals?

After the game we watched the AA5’s put a 1,000 goals passed Henry Lawson 15.2’s. La Celeste’s Mother in Law gave it to me because her coffee wasn’t strong enough – what the?

With a two week break ahead of us, Gazza’s missus was told she was now allowed to go and give birth. Hope everything goes really well for you guys, looking forward to meeting the new addition.

Goal Scorers

La Celeste (37), The Kaiser (2), Gazza, Kojak, Uncle Chop Chop

Player of the Match

La Celeste – are you sure you want to get new boots?