Match Report O35.4 (10-04-2011)





Colo Black



Match Report

A late afternoon game and it was cold, blustery and wet – or ‘perfect playing conditions’ as any of the Northerners* in our team would say.

Noddy was out with a sore knee. Swinger was ‘out’ as well but it wouldn’t have been his knee that was sore after the week he’d just had. The bi-annual get together of ‘Those With Liberal Minds’ was being held in Armidale and Swinger had booked his place months ago.

Our high tempo start to the match soon paid dividends with Cue Ball slotting in from the edge of the box after some crisp passing between the forwards.

More first half goals followed. Gazza hit one sweetly across the keeper and got himself a second off his melon from a super corner from The Kaiser. La Celeste chipped in with a great strike as well.

The ref awarded us a penatly late in the first half for a dubious hand ball from a corner. Our regular penalty taker, El Capitano, was having a spell on the sideline, so who was going to step up and take responsibility? Swinger had won the penalty shoot-out at a training session last year but as we know he was still putting them away in Armidale. La Celeste grabbed the ball, placed it on the spot and confidently run up and struck it….6 foot wide of the right hand upright! You’re kidding, this bloke scores 86 goals a season and can’t hit the target from 12 yards out!

Right at the death of the first half, Colo broke away and a low drive toward the near post saw Leeds get his hand to it. Unfortunately the ball went in and Leeds middle finger popped out – dislocation. Half time 4-1.

Swervin put the gloves on for the second half, giving Leeds an opportunity as an outfield player. Swerv made a couple of great saves as Colo came more and more into it. The only goal of the half came about after Ipswich switched the point of attack from the left to the right, finding Chopper in yards of space. A surging run, lay off to Gazza who quickly put La Celeste away to dink it past the keeper. Full time 5-1.

After the game El Capitano announced we were having an impromptu awards ceremony. Stanley got a trophy the size of the European Cup in honour of his 70 seasons playing for Blueys. Scotland thought he was being called up for the National squad when told that there was special recognition for 5 years of committed challenges and accurate passing.

To finish the day off, Swinger sent a text through which read ‘Having a great week, hope you put plenty away today as I certainly have.’ That was nice.


* For those ‘non-English’ in the squad, the North of England is cold, wet and full of Bitter drinking Northerners. The South is warm, has beautiful beaches like Brighton and Clacton and where the Shandy drinkers, like myself, reside..

Goal Scorers

La Celeste (2), Gazza (2), Cue Ball.

Player of the Match

Mr Intensity -solid