Match Report O35.4 (05-06-2011)

Match Report O35.4 (05-06-2011)





Colo Black



Match Report


Our first away match since the first league game of the year saw us travel out to sunny Richmond. As you can see in the photo, Nude Nut arrived extra early to partake in his other favourite past time of planking. 20110605_o35_4.jpg

Decimated by injury we had the bare eleven, no subs. We started brightly creating a few early chances. To be honest I can’t specifically recall any of the goals, they all sorted of blended into one. I’ll describe one and that should cover the other eleven. 

Chop Chop short goal kick to (pick one from Stanley, Swinger, Goodhew or Gazza). Lay off to Gazza (if Gazza received from goal kick, scrub the lay off…obviously). Dink over the top of Colo defence for La Celeste to out pace scrambling defence, round keeper and finish. With their shaved noggins and 48 kilogram Super Model bodies, Nude Nut and La Celeste almost look the same, so it is possible that one of them got all 12.

The latter part of the first half and all the second was played with 10 men as The Kaiser hobbled off with a strained hammy. At 10-2 up we were getting close to forfeiting due to lack of players as Chop Chop and Ipswich were also carrying injuries. Fortunately we managed to keep the required number of players on the pitch until the full time whistle was blown.

Goal Scorers

La Celeste (8), Planking Boy (4)

Player of the Match

Er, one of the baldies I reckon