Match Report O35.3 (26-08-2012)

Match Report O35.3 (26-08-2012)





Penrith FC



Match Report

The big day finally arrived. Playing on the same pitch as we got trounced on in last year’s Grand Final was a good thing – we remembered the empty feeling at the end of that match and were determined for the opposite result today.

To ensure he was there for 10am sharp, as per Ipswich’s orders, Scotland arranged to camp out with his family on Saturday evening, right next to pitch 1 Jamison Park. Unfortunately, Roberto did not take the lead of his fellow laggard instead staying up late once again to watch those naughty European movies on SBS and sleeping in again.

With plenty of support from our wives, kids, friends and for Swinger other peoples wives, kids and friends, we took the pitch to take on Penrith. The last time we played we eeked out a late come-from-behind 3-2 win – it felt from the start that this was going to be another epic.

Penrith had the best of the opening few minutes but with our first attack we scored. Egg Head* found La Celeste out wide on the right. La Celeste crossed the ball in, back to Nude Nut*. Uncle Fester* then laid it off for Intensity to solidly pass the ball into the corner with his left peg. 1-0.

Penrith were then well on top for the following 20 minutes or so and scored two goals in this time – the first from a free kick, knocked in at the far post and the second a ball in behind our defence that squirmed under Leeds and into the net. 1-2.

In the last 15 minutes of the half we turned things around and created a couple of chances. La Celeste was through one-on-one with the keeper but hit the ball straight at the big unit. Half time and still 1-2.

The half time team talk was positive. We have been a goal down in the second half of games five times this season and come back to win all bar one of them, so we knew we could do it again.

The second half was dominated by ourselves, we just had to get the ball in the onion bag. El Capitano fired one over from 6 yards out; Dicky surged through (showing that his time in the hyperbaric chamber was well worth it) and fired a shot over from just inside the box; The Kaiser ran onto a through ball and hit it well but the keeper got down and saved; La Celeste had another one-on-one, this time firing over.

In the middle of all this, a clearance by Choppy near the by line fired straight into a poor old dear who was sitting watching the game drinking her coffee – coffee went all over her – you nasty, nasty man Chop Chop.

Back to the game, we were running out of time and the feeling was that if Penrith get one chance, they’ll score and wrap this up. Fortunately that did not happen and with about 10 or 15 to go, The Kaiser put La Celeste through for the umpteenth time. Racing onto the ball, cutting back and hitting the shot across the keeper, it hit the inside of the post and went in. 2 all.

It stayed that way until the final whistle.

Two periods of 10 minute extra time to follow. The first period, the dangerous Penrith centre forward got in behind us but Uncle Chop Chop and the biggest Swinger in town did a fantastic job to just put him off and then clear the ball away. La Celeste also got in behind again for us but pushed his shot wide.

The second period of extra time and it was Blueys that were pushing hardest for the winner. And it came, with about a minute left on the clock. Breaking away, the ball moved swiftly up the left, involving Swingy, El Capitano and the ball through again from The Kaiser. La Celeste got ahead of the defender and as the keeper came up struck it with his left foot toward the goal. It was in and the Grand Final was ours. 3-2.

Photo below:

Back row (l to r): Uncle Chop Chop, Trigger, Ipswich, Yul Brynner *, Intensity, El Capitano, Leeds, The Deviant

Front row (l-r): The Biggest Swinger in town, The Kaiser, Stanley, Swervin’, Scotland , La Celeste, Dicky Knee

Absent: The Hoff and Kozy

* This person is one and the same – there are just too many nicknames for a Chrome Dome to be frugal and only use one.



Thank you to everyone one of our supporters for being there on Grand Final day to cheer us on – and thank you for those that came to many of our games throughout the year. Special thanks from Swing to the many wives he has shared this year with too.

To our team – thank you all for making this year such a memorable one. One of the tightest divisions we have played in, with any team able to beat another on their day. To finish runners up by a mere point and to win the Grand Final by a goal in the last minute of extra time demonstrates just how tight this year has been.

After the game we celebrated with a few drinks and some food at The Lapo. The last two there were Swingy and Swervin’. It is now mid-day on Monday as I write and I have just received a text from Swingy – the two of them are currently enjoying Mad Monday!

Goal Scorers

La Celeste (2), Intensity (1).

Player of the Match