Match Report AA.5 (31-08-2011)





St Mary’s Band Club



Match Report

It was indeed dark as we hit the field for our Wednesday night semi final clash. Our prey – St Marys.

Game data (to assist Denty with his Centrebet schenanagans):

*  Bendy not playing (injured for the season)
*  Liam and Slider available to play this week
*  Denty & Disco’s sight reduced by 20% (due to night game)
*  No Woody in the Esky (but Dez unaware).

We had a fairly quiet warm up until about 5 to go where the chatter began and the intent showed.

The whistle blew and we were off immediately starting with a string of passes followed by paragraphs and paragraphs of descriptive stuff.

Crank scored our first goal, after following in a missile from Dez. Nothing short of magic! There was plenty of counter attacks from both sides with St Marys edging us in possession.

Towards the end of the hard fought second half Dez put one away to secure the match. Yip!!!!

I remember seeing a flash of light a couple of times through the night as Denty made a B line to sweep a lose ball away with lightning speed! Despite having poor sight he didn’t take the ball off any of our players!

The backs marked tightly and scrambled when they had to. The middies clocked up the kilometres, as usual, to cover both attack and defence. And the front line didn’t let us down in attack, and importantly, in defence (chasing any defenders moving forward).

Finally, Chris made yet another massive contribution to the teams success … contributing to our being the hardest team to beat in the Division, and better still, finalists for 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 2010 we made it to the finals. In 2011 we know why we’re there. * Eye of the Tiger music starts here *

Goal Scorers

Crank the Magician, Dez the Sharp Shooter

Player of the Match

Everyone’s a winner … now that’s the truth …