Match Report AA.5 (31-07-2011)





Emu Plains White



Match Report

It was a dark and stormy afternoon that saw Stadium Knapsack infiltrated by the rascally Emu Plains. Finals hopes depend on each game from here on in … and we didn’t want the flightless birds to take any points home.

Pre-game warm-up was relatively quiet … with Crank doing his best to G the team up and Tingles doing his best to get the players on the same Page.

The whistle blew and the opposition came at us with everything 11 ugly birds could muster. But, showing some good backbone, we scrambled effectively against this fast breaking team.

Dekka … to Tingles … who took the ball (and two players with him) to the left corner … cross along the ground to G who was waiting in the box … and the ball was deftly slotted passed the keeper for a well deserved 1-0 lead (if I do say so myself!).

The second half was long, challenging and also required us to show some backbone. I know Tony always runs … but maybe never more than in this game!? His machine gun legs were taking off on long runs all over the park 🙂

Luke returned to the country (and the team) and stayed on his feet for at least his first 30 seconds on the field!

Denty (who’s liver has recently been working overtime) kept a smoothly run backline with Ben-D, Slasher and Slider all scrambling well against the kick and chase.

Chris had a solid game in the goals. His big kicking game resulted in some good attacks and his saves were very welcome.

Throw-ins were impressive too – Denty, Tingles and Dez helped us make distance up the park and/or put us into attacking positions.

Liam, again, was unlucky not to put one away and had his right counter-weight re-aligned for his troubles.

Dirty too broke his record by running a total of 6 metres. But, seriously, it was more like 5.5. But seriously … he made a number of top challenges.

Final score Breezer 1 – Aiden 1.

In summary, it is said that the Emu cannot take a step backwards (the reason it and the kangaroo were chosen for our Coat of Arms)! So it was great to see that the AA5’s were able to sidestep their way to a victory!!!

Goal Scorers

G (could have been Dez too!)

Player of the Match

Liam’s right counter-weight