Match Report AA.5 – 22-08-2010








Match Report

Last game of the season and it was important for the team to put in good performance leading into the finals. Not only had Cranebrook beaten Blueys earlier in the season, but a win today (with results their way) might have gotten into the semi’s. Safe to say, with that in mind, and the loss still burning, the boys expected a tough encounter.

The first half was a to and fro affair – sporadic chances came for each side. However, as the game wore on, Blueys got the better of possession and began to make more significant inroads against the Cranebrook defence. Solid work from Crank and the Dr in middle, as well as the dependable whole back line, led by the indomitable Crusty, denied Cranebrook anything decent. Despite the nil all score-line at half time Blueys retained their recent trademark composure. We may even have to find Cranky a new nickname!

It wasn’t long after the second-half kick-off that the deadlock was broken. A Beckham-like free kick (with apologies to Sticky) was met with a stunning header from the Dr, reminiscent of a Miroslav Klose World Cup special, that gave Blueys the lead.

Sticky was involved in the second Blue Mountains goal as well. As Tingles, playing out of position again, picked up the ball around half way, a deft touch from Sticky had Tingles in on goal – he made no mistake and slotted the ball home. Magic – a real on-field talent! Blueys up 2-0.

Sticky delivered the final pass yet again, as Grasshopper scored for the boys third. Sticky (and I’d call him the Architect based on this performance – if it wasn’t so hard to say on the field) crossed the ball so well no one’s really sure if Grasshopper headed it in or it just bounced off his face! Either way he’d scored his 400th of the season and the team’s third in this game. Blueys 3-0.

401. Great pressure from Grasshopper resulted in a deflection past the keeper. Unlucky for Cranbrook but Blueys were really in the groove – still what a tinny bugger. Shades of Brett Emerton getting his head in the way of the NZ keeper clearance a few years back – yes I’m exaggerating.

Hat-trick. Again. Grasshopper deftly finishes while turning his man – latching on to the end of a great throw-in from Slasher. Unbelievable, how does he do it? Nothing in first half, but as soon as we take the lead: bang, bang, bang! Out of nowhere! Seriously though, great finish from the captain. 5-0 to Blueys.

Crussel missed a great chance from a free-kick – just too high! Disco the enforcer was unlucky not to stretch the Blueys lead, hitting the post after a cutting run in to the top off the box. A very strong second half from Blue Mountains, to finish up 5-0 winners. We’re ready for the finals!

Goal Scorers

The Dr, Tingles, Grasshopper.

Player of the Match

Not enough room provided to name the whole team.