Match Report AA.5 (14-08-2011)





Local Foe



Match Report

What a lovely Sunday it was today! The second half of the season saw the team avenge themselves against each of the teams that had taken points from them in the first … with one remaining … the table leader and local foe.

The nets went up (under the watchful eye of the net co-ordinator Dez) and the team was all warmed up before the opposition had even arrived. A few words from the coach and we began play.

We started well from kick off – keeping the pressure on and making lots of short passes. Eventually we secured a corner and, off this, an amazing first goal. The corner came in firmly and at waist height -Crank moved passed the near post to meet it with his noggin and he produced the perfect angle to leave the keeper standing still. Wow!

The opposition found a little more rhythm as the first half went on, and although our backline kept the shots to a minimum, Chris had to make some great saves. Magic!

In comes Liam with another run down the wing. He cracks the ball from a few metres inside the sideline to hit the far post and hit the net of the opposite side. Awesome!

By half time, we had used all of the subs and the subs had been used well. Tingles returned to the field after missing training (food poisoning isn’t all it’s cracked up to be)! Les had returned to lend a hand in his final game of the season. Bendy slotted into the backline with ease (as he always does). And Dirty came on to overclock the odometer of the midfielders.

The second half saw the opposition come out hard again and they were rewarded with a goal. And Chris had to make another great save shortly after! The team not only held firm … it slotted another 3 goals away to end a great day:

1. Goal 3: "The Roar" by Tingles. Humongous!
2. Goal 4
: "The Arm Pump" by Grass Hopper. Sensational!
3. Goal 5
: "The Chip Executed in a very manly way" by Disco. Heart Stopping!

Milestones for this Sunday:

1. Equal table leaders (for at least a week anyway)!
2. Liam is off the nudy run (officially anyway)
3. Dez played his last* game at Knapsack ever (he scored, he set up, he chased, he enjoyed the team’s victory over the local foe).
*Possibly,   like John Farnham, he may change his mind
4. Disco managed to smash every egg in 2 cartons of eggs

Goal Scorers

Crank, Liam, Tingles, Grasshopper, Disco

Player of the Match