Match Report AA.5 (10-06-2012)





St Clair



Match Report

It was a dark and stormy Sunday as the AA5s took on St Clair at The Cauldron (Knapsack Park).

It was a day of firsts! Dorito took to the park for the first time and Tingles scored his first goal for the year … and this is where we must start.

It was a case of the chicken before the egg, but there was no question that the egg was coming. The order of events was as follows:

(i) Tingles strikes the ball
(ii) Tingles makes the early call "Yes!:
(iii) The goal goes in (a slamming cross goal/side net shot)
(iv) Tingles lets a fist pump go …

The goal was at the end of a really good passing game, which was great to see.

The Bluey’s second came off a corner! Niall crossed the ball into the 18 yard box, BK headed the ball to the 6 yard box where Balls shimmied and (by one account) toe-poked the goal over the keeper’s head!!!!

Special mention goes to:

(i) the DP kick offs that resulted in some good yardage
(ii) the determination of the team to keep the ball in the opposition’s half
(iii) the throw-in capabilities of GB and Tingles, which allow good yardage and/or good attacking plays.

Slasher’s gloves got a work out as the opposition sent a number of speculatos his way. Despite a gallant effort, two of these made their way into the net.

The team fought hard to edge back in front but time was not on our side.

In post-game commentary Nathan advised that he’s looking for a fail-safe 1-on-1 method of attack. Like a selfless chef, I will offer the recipe to the double-entendre. Obviously, the triple and the quadruple may come with time. Others should come forth so Nathan can discover/practice/work on his method of choice! Dirty has the Sucker Punch (player comes to get the ball – there is a play to the side and then forward). Denty has the Missile (controlled from afar – his attack is swift and only deviates a few degrees as he traverses from the backline to the forwards in record time).

Til we play again, keep well.

Goal Scorers

Tingles, Balls

Player of the Match