Match Report AA.5 (01-07-2012)








Match Report

It was a fresh and crisp morning that saw the AA5s turn up at Blaxland for the local derby. Unfortunately, too many of the team were missing … trialling for the Western Wanderers.

We were planning for 9 to 10 players to take to the field, so when only 8 took to the field, we had to put on the blue and white war paint, lift our kilts and go for it!

The first 15 minutes saw the Blueys repel any advances by the opposition, as well as the arrival of reinforcements. 2 extra players! Time seemed to slow down waiting for these guys to get ready – we knew Slider was suffering from the flu … and we later learned that "the fast one" had just ridden his bike from Warrimoo! So with 10 players, by the 25th minute, we played on. The first half ended 0-0 with some very good defending and the odd chance, most note-worthy was "the fast one’s" shot that hit the post.

We wanted the same smart play for the second half (not committing too far forward) and this is what happened. There was actually a fair bit of action in the opposition’s half. Some highlights included:


  • *  Free kick from Denty, which Tingles headed on, millimetres to the right of the post
  • *   Several good challenges from Nathan, keeping the backline honest
  • *   Slasher’s numerous skirmishes and a penalty in his favour … against one particularly bald man
  • *   Corner from Tingles just passed the far post, headed back in by Disco – almost for a home goal off the keeper
  • *   Call of "Joel’s ball!" resulting in Joel (Balls) headbutting Joel (Slasher) … moral: use your killer names 🙂
  • *   Many timely tackles by Slider on his man
  • *   Many timely (and wise) calls by the Captain to hold back
  • *   Many safe clearances by Balls.


Through all of this, this week’s keeper – GB – was awesome!

A great result fellas!

Goal Scorers

Player of the Match

"The fast one"