Match Report 7.L – 14 June, 2004

St Clair 3
Match Report

Last time we played St Clair we lost 5-0. This time they were 3-1 up at half time, then our boys dug deep and out played, out classed & out scored them the second half to level the game.

Murray, Josh & Mitch played above themselves. Lachlan Corbet was outstanding in defense (no goals were scored while he was on) Ethan was good in goals but had he played a full game on the field he would have been the knock out punch.

James was back in goals the second half at his best saved the game on several occasions with hard gusty saves. Jesse and Lachlan M are turning into fine forwards. Every goal bar 1 has been scored by these two and only when they have both been on together that says it all about these two.

Goal Scorers Jesse
lochlan M
Player of the Match Lochlan C. Jesse. Lochlan M.