Match Report 18.1 – 11 July, 2004

Blaxland Red 4
Match Report What a game! Fortunately the better team won, but made it very hard for themselves.

After early domination where the boys hit the padded bar (that’s right – padded!), Blaxland scored first from a quick counter attack. This forced the boys into action and Jason scored two quick successive goals that knocked the wind out of Blaxland. That was until loose marking in midfield allowed Blaxland enough time to bake a cake, have a nap and finally line up and shoot. 2 all.

This forced Blueys into action once more and constant pressure forced on Blaxland in defence lead to three quick goals. Half time. 5-2. That’s more like it boys.

Blaxland came out fired up and with the unofficial referee having a hard time following the quick paced game the boys were rattled with the fair but aggressive desire of Blaxland. They were not going to lie down and die. 5-4.

A nail biting finish that lead to Nick being cleaned up for a penalty kick. But wait! Play on calls the ref! Nothing gets the Blueys going more than injustice, so the boys clicked out of cruise mode and dominated the final quarter of the match. Brad knocking in the final goal of the game much to the satisfaction of the Blueys supporters. 6-4.
Goal Scorers JS 2
BK 1
JF 1
BF 1
NC 1
Player of the Match Brad with Denty a close second.