Match Report 12.5 – 22 May, 2004

Blaxland 0
Match Report A close, hard fought game with Blue Mountains’ Mitchell C scoring the only goal after pressure by forwards Michael and Brenton. Liam, Mitchell C, Aden and Ferret defended well, goalkeeper James brought off some great saves while Alexander, Nathaniel, Steven, Ben and Mitchell H all ran well from midfield.

The first half featured good attacking play from both teams. Blue Mountains were put under early pressure and while Liam, Mitchell C, Aden and Ferret all defended strongly, goalkeeper James was called on to make two fine good saves and cleared well.

As the half progressed, Alexander’s strong running and the persistence of Nathaniel, Mitchell H and Ben in midfield had more effect. On one attack, Alexander was well placed in the penalty area but was just unable to reach a well-placed kick upfield by Ben. Then Mitchell H shot just over the bar after a fine run up the left flank. Finally, the persistence paid off. Michael placed a pass in the path of Brenton and the Blaxland goalkeeper was forced to cut off the threat by handling the ball just outside the penalty area. Mitchell C’s strong free kick beat the Blaxland wall and hit the back of the net to allow Blue Mountains to go in at half-time leading by one goal to nil.

The second half continued with good end-to-end action. Blaxland continued to push forward, requiring continuing tackling by the defence with Liam particularly persistent and Mitchell C clearing well, in one case giving away a corner to stop a threatening Blaxland break.

Meanwhile at the other end Alexander continued with some fine runs into attacking positions, one good run up the left winning a corner. Steven came on and made his mark in midfield but no further goals resulted.
Goal Scorers Mitchell Carter
Player of the Match Liam Isaksen