Match Report 12.5 – 14 June, 2004

St Clair Yellow 0
Match Report Nathaniel worked well the whole game. Corey, was very reliable and placed the ball very well.Ben had an early attempt at goal which went wide.

Aden, Liam, Michael, Mitchell C and Ferrett all had good runs with the ball along with Stevie constantly backing up the play. Mitchell H had a few attempts at scoring, the wind not being in his favour. James was excellent as goalie and never let anything go close. Mitchell C had a few good attempts at goal along with Alexander and Brenton. Ferrett worked well in defence and got the ball through to Stevie who crossed a beautiful ball to the centre where Corey was waiting. Nathaniel missed what would have been an excellent goal early in the second half. After a throw in from Corey, Michael and Mitchell C earned a corner, which resulted in a free kick after a hand ball, which Corey took and scored the only goal of the day.

Goal Scorers Corey Mangion (1)
Player of the Match Nathaniel Batko