Match Report 12.5 – 12 June, 2004

St Clair Blue 1
Match Report The first half of the game started out at a fast pace. Corey started the day off well with his fine kicking skills landing a ball just short of Brenton or Michael being able to get there. Excellent kicks from Aden in midfield made sure the ball was getting through to the forwards. Mitchell Hunter missed a goal after a great cross from Stevie. Liam was called upon in defence and never let up. Nathaniel, Alexander, Ben and Ferret had the opposition on their backs on a number of occasions and they worked together to make sure the opposition did not get through. Stevie had a great shot at goal, which the goalie saved. James was brilliant in goals and was called upon a few times and never let anything go near the nets.

The second half of the game started out much the same with the boys all putting their best skills forward. The opposition scored early in the second half and made our boys more determined. Michael moved to fullback and this ensured some well positioned play. Nathaniel moved to forward along with Brenton and they played well side by side. James was called upon again in the second half and was brilliant in goals. After a fine ball from Corey, Brenton broke away, weaving through the defence to score the first goal of the match. Alexander showed his fine ball skills bringing the ball up the side on a number of occasions. Shortly after Corey sent through a brilliant ball, which the goalie had no chance of saving and the boys were in the lead. A tremendous effort from the whole team.
Goal Scorers Brenton Bell (1) Corey Mangion (1)
Player of the Match Brenton Bell