Match Report 11.5 – 27 March, 2004

BMSC 11.5: 2


Orchard Hills: 10

Match Report:
The game started with a lot of pomise when Andrew Farnham scored a quick goal in the first 5 minutes. Orchard Hills responded soon after and then our boys were given a lesson in ‘big time soccer’.Although soundly defeated on this occasion the White Knights showed they have the talent to match it with the teams in this new division.

Outstanding runs with near miss goals by Jarrod Parker made for some exciting moments. The second half saw Blake Young constatnly attack the goal and a wonderful pass to Nicholas Killian gave the White Knights their second goal. Nicholas never tired in his forward attack.

Although there were some decisions on the field we were not happy with, the team will learn and respond to next weeks challenge. Well done boys, another great team effort.

Goal Scorers: Andrew Farnham, Nicholas Killian

Player of Match: N/A