Match Report 11.5 – 20 March, 2004

BMSC 11.5: 3


Colo:  1

Match Report:
Expectional team work is what we witnessed today. The first game of the season in their new division was a beauty as Blue Mountains 11.5’s “White Knights” defeated Colo 3:1 at Knapsack Park.

A magnificent first goal by Nicholas Killian after a brilliant pass by David Bowman-Wall set the tone for the rest of the match. This was quickly followed by a near miss by David with his ball hitting the upright. A career best game by David. Well done.

Colo soon evened the score from a crowded goal making the save very difficult. Goal keeper Jordan Wheatley showed why he is one of the best in his division with many magnificent saves including one unbelievable full stretch dive to his left to angle the ball away from his goal. Two quality goals by Andrew Farnham, one over the keeper’s head and the other a straight drive, strongly supported by Jonathon Creagh, sealed the match for the “White Knights”.

A memorable game was had by Chris Burton, Cameron Glackin, and Thomas Cefai. Solid defence led by Fletcher Patrick and Nicholas Atkins was another great feature of the game. New comers to the squad Oliver Mount and Daniel McClellan, demonstrated good skills and will be a great asset to the team.

Strong positive support from all parents on the sideline made for a wonderful experience. this was truly a great team effort. New Coach, Bruce Wheatley, praised the team effort of the “White Knights”. Bruce further praised the team for their strong commitment to training sessions, which contributed, to today’s win. Well done coach. It should be a great year.

Goal Scorers: Nicholas Killian, Andrew Farnham (2)

Player of Match: N/A