Knapsack Park Masterplan

Knapsack Park (Sportsground) – Masterplan

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the Masterplan for Knapsack Park has been developed and is planned to be presented for adoption at the Council meeting of 10 November 2009.



The Knapsack Park Masterplan specifically refers to the sportsground precinct on Barnet Street and has been developed from recommendations identified in the Knapsack Reserve Plan of Management that was adopted in 2007.  These include upgrading of sporting facilities, accommodate broader useage, residential amenity, improved environmental standards and impacts on the local bushland.


This Masterplan is a concept design for what could take place from these recommendations.  Its purpose is to give direction and guidance for future development of this site.   It provides a layout for which specific projects can be implemented.  There is currently no existing funding for the projects shown in the Masterplan, however it will form a basis for which future funding can be sought.


This plan has been developed in consultation with the main user groups, residents and Council’s Park staff.  The key elements of this Masterplan are:


    • Earthworks to increase in size the Association Football fields, elevate the lower playing area and provide underground stormwater storage for irrigation.
    • Addition of a Cricket pitch and Cricket training nets.
    • Addition of a practice goal.
    • Formalisation of the currently unsealed carparking to hold 79 cars off-street.
    • Angle parking developed in Barnet Street for additional 30 car spaces.
    • Upgrading and relocation of Club Room amenties
    • Addition of a Social Space.
    • Rebuild irrigation system utilizing captured rainwater.
    • Measures to reduce impact on neighbouring residents.



The Council meeting to adopt the Masterplan is scheduled to commence at 7.30pm, 10 November in the Council Chambers, Civic Place, Katoomba. The meeting is open to the public and you are welcome to attend.  If you wish to address the meeting, either for or against the proposal, you are requested to be in attendance prior to 7.30pm to register your intention with Council Officers.

Click here to download a copy of Coucil's Masterplan report.  Information is also available from the Blue Mountains City Council website