2008 Team Photo Day

Photo Day – Junior Teams

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Saturday, 21 June has been booked as our 2008 photo day, which is also a Club fund-raising event. Good Sport Photography will be our Club Photographers this year and they will be taking photos outdoors, but inside if it rains – photos will be taken on this day, no ifs or buts. Managers will be provided with an envelope (which will be distributed shortly) that contains the necessary information to make sure that things run smoothly on the day.

We have 28 teams and ~250 players to photograph in the space of 3½ hours; at Knapsack, they’ll be 8 BMSC teams having a 9:00 kick-off and 7 BMSC teams kicking off between 9:40–10:00. It’s a tight schedule to have everyone photographed as quickly and professionally as possible, so your co-operation, understanding and patience is needed to ensure that players do not run late and thus, that no time pressure is put on the teams that follow thereafter.

The spelling of player names will need to be checked by the player/parent and the correct amount of money for a photo order will need to be given to the team manager. Spell-checking and money must be with the team manager before the Photo Day. To see a sample of the photo options available from Good Sport Photography, Click Here

Each team needs to meet 15 minutes before their photo time, so that completed team envelopes can be handed over to Good Sport Photography and players organized (e.g. in full uniform, jerseys tucked into shorts, socks pulled up, drawstrings and t-shirts not visible, lined-up in height order, etc). This 15-minute period is not the time to be completing team envelopes – please be organized before-hand.

Important – Please note!

Photos will be taken regardless of weather or whether or not games are played.

All Players MUST be present for photos, even if they are not ordering photos.

All players must wear their full soccer uniform.

All players, coaches and managers must be on time.

Photo orders are pre-paid and the exact amount of money must be in prior to photo day.

If any Senior players/teams are interested in having their photo taken, please contact the club to register your interest. Spare photo time slots are available from 11:30 onwards.

Click here for a copy of meeting times for the Photo Day.

Click here for a copy of meeting times, by team, for the Photo Day.