Match Report 11.7 (09-06-2003)

Blue Mountains    2                            St Marys SC       0

Goals: Brenton Bell   2

The boys showed how hard it is to back-up so soon after such an important game on Saturday and struggled early against St Marys.

Stevie Hooker had a stint in goals and did a fine job.  Alexander Talbot, Alec Hopkins and Tim Finter were solid at the back, getting to the ball first to turn around the hard running St Marys forwards.

The game was played in the mid-field where Brendan Whyte, Mitchell Carter, Mitchell Hunter and James Beech were very committed and had their opponents pulling out of loose ball contests.

Aden Heymans, Michael Breckenridge and Ben Hampson worked hard up front, each unlucky not to score as at least four shots flew over the bar.

A few half-time switches by the coach with an injection of speed saw our boys get on top in the second half.  Stevie Hooker and Brenton Bell really stretched the St Marys defence resulting in two good Brenton goals.

Mitchell Carter was the provider for each with his powerful through balls and our own little Ruud Van Nistlerooy reacted quickly to score.  Well done Boof Van Nistlerooy!