Match Report U9.White (10-05-2014)




Springwood White


Match Report

Another great game from the boys. The level of passing and teamwork is the best we have ever produced, and it’s getting better every week!

Joe was solid in goals in the first half, only beaten by exceptional strikes by the opposition (and 1 top corner strike from team mate Zac!!), and really dominated the middle of the park in the second half, beating defenders at will and providing great passes to our forwards and wingers.

Tom continues to improve dramatically as each week passes – his moment in the 2nd half when he attacked the ball, tackled the opposition, and provided the through ball for Cy to score really sums up how good a game he played.

Zac also notched up a goal assist in the first, combining well with Cy, and came close to scoring himself on a couple of occassions. He also learnt what it means to ‘keep a clean sheet’ in the scecond half!

Brad stayed back when he played fullback this week!!! (for those who don’t know Brad, this is a massive achievement!). Combining with Sebastian especially in the second half at the back, not only did the boys provide a solid wall, but both always stayed calm and passed the ball out of defense, rather than just booting it away. Passing out of danger = 1 happy coach!

I like mentioning boys individually, but Tayden, Ethan and Jayden all deserve to be mentioned together – they all really thrived when on the wing, and at least one of them was always involved when we created a goal scoring opportunity – I cannot recall a game where we utilised the sidelines as well. All 3 were also unlucky not to score themselves on numerous occassions. Great work guys!

I really needed 9 Player of the Match trophies this week, but Sebastian really earned it today for maintaing his positioning regardless of where he was on the field, and always looking to pass to a team mate.

Goal Scorers

Cy (2)

Player of the Match


1 2