Match Report U9.White (03-05-2014)




Blaxland Green


Match Report

After weeks of waiting in the rain, the boys finally got to play an opposing club!

It took about 10 minutes for us to get our rhythm, but the quality of football we produced for the remainder of the 1st half couldn’t have made me happier. The strings of short passes, off the ball running and general shape and positioning was a joy to watch.

Tom and Liam were particularly strong in defence in the first half, both preventing clear runs on goal; in the second Liam was unlucky not score up front, while Tom kept well in goals, and also unleashed some big goal kicks (there must have been some off-season practice!).

Joe and Cy were both solid in the middle of the park, and were always looking to control the ball and pass early.

Brad was great in goals in the first half, making some good stops – if he was 3 feet taller he would have kept a clean sheet!

Zac played hard as usual, and on any other day would have set up a goal or 2, the ball just didn’t bounce his way today.

Ethan ran his guts out even though we had no reserves, and wanted the ball more than anyone else on the park – a well-deserved Player of the Match.

Well done, guys.

Goal Scorers

Player of the Match