Match Report U7.Cougars (07-06-2014)








Match Report

The Cougars came up against a very strong Tigers side this week in what was a well balanced contest.

Fantastic defensive work by the Cougars in the first half saw them able to absorb lots of pressure and only go into the break down 1-0.

The Cougars started the second half with a bang equalizing through get work between Myles and Banjo, resulted in a great goal. Wyatt was kept busy at the back and produced some strong tackles as well as a couple of long range shots on goal. Cooper, Eleni and Adrian all worked hard in midfield tackling well and producing some good passing exchanges.

A very enjoyable game and one in which the effort of all players was outstanding.

Goal Scorers

Banjo Ryder

Player of the Match

Banjo Ryder