Match Report U11.2 (03-08-2013)






Match Report

A stunning Winter’s morning, and perfect conditions to play Football in.

We took an early lead after Aiden Monaco’s shot struck the Post, and Harry Burns fired in the rebound. Harry made it look easy, but it actually takes alot of skill when the ball unexpectedly comes towards you.

Sean Higgins had his best game of the Season, involved in several heavy tackles during the game. Hunter Turl added further toughness to our defence, and the opposition rarely looked like scoring.

Ben Greening had a break from GK this week, and played several different positions comfortably.

You just had a feeling Gus Langworthy was going to Win POTW, and when the GK failed to hold his shot, and the ball crept over the line, it was confirmed! He’s been seen wearing a Man United shirt alot recently, and looks like a young Wayne Rooney!

It was a nice way to spend Saturday morning, and as usual Aiden Monaco supplied half the Crowd!

Goal Scorers

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