Match Report U10.2 White (15-06-2013)








Match Report

We implemented a new structure on the pitch today for the first time, without having a chance to trial it at training.

Really impressed with the teams attention before the game, everyone was keen to understand and follow instructions.

On the pitch, we started with front three, with Aidan playing central and flanked by Alex and Will. The guys combined really well, holding their positions, making lots of strong forward runs and creating scoring opportunities in the midst of a solid defence.

We rotated the middle 3 quite a bit, but locking in really well were Hamish and Josh, playing those positions really well, not letting opposition get behind them but also pushing forward enough to put pressure on and keep our scoring opportunities up.

Layla and Issy played mostly in defense as back two and were for most part an impenetrable last line, working well together with one guarding the goal line and last receiver while the other approached the oncoming ball carrier.

Lachlan F played great first half in goals and then came on the second half with some inspiring attacks on the ball winning possession and making excellent forward passes.

Luke really worked hard to impose himself on the game and made some great challenges putting his body on the line to create turnovers.

Martin worked the space really well today and was great with his forward and side passes.

Riley was tireless and held great position in the middle 3 and also when he played as a lock in back 2.

Corin was really impressive with his positioning, pulling himself back to position before getting drawn too deep into the play as a defender.

Lachlan T ran himself into the ground pushing forward when playing in the middle which put great pressure on the opposition and was able to push back into defense equally hard.

Highlights were: 

– Great ball movement and passing through the middle and front 3. 
– Great goals to Aidan and Alex. 
– Hamish’s great long range goal. 
– General ball control and passing all day from Josh. 
– Josh’s absolutely perfect slide tackle. 

– Hamish’s game today earning him Player of the Week! 
– Whole teams commitment and great spirit for the entire game.

Well done team – great game!

Goal Scorers

Aidan, Alex, Hamish.

Player of the Match