Match Report U10.2 White (10-08-2013)








Match Report

Great to see our full sqaud on game day yet again and perfect conditions up in Hazelbrook for both players and spectators.

Hazelbrook’s numbers in front of us always made it hard to penetrate and we didn’t work the ball around enough using our players behind and to the side in order to create space to get the ball moving cleanly.

Most of the game was therefore played frantically, without structure or long unbroken chains of possession and lots of turnovers.

That being said, the players endeavour was unquestionable and really pleasing.

There were a couple of good plays involving some good passing and run to dangerous spaces, one resulting in a tremendous team goal, finished off with an awesome strike by Josh which hit the back of the net with venom.

Player of the week was Luke who played with great concentration and focus the whole game, making some great saves as keeper in the first half and then some great plays with the ball in the second. Well done Luke!

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