Match Report U10.2 White (01-06-2013)








Match Report

A huge effort this week by our team, up against a really impressive Springwood outfit. 

The opposition showed their class early with some quick goals and attacking field play and the challenge was set for our team to stem the flow and set up some attacking plays of our own. 

Was very pleasing and all our players should be proud of their constant effort and never give up attitude right until the end! 

As a result of the positive and relentless attitude of our players, we were able to slow Springwood right down and then create lots of chances ourselves, resulting in goals. 

Our defence was under pressure all day and I’m really proud that we continued to focus on our marking, our positioning and then just our constant effort to put our bodies on the line to defend and then challenge. 

This effort made all the difference and really despite the scoreline, turned the game in our favour and there was just so much to be pleased about today’s game as a result! 

Our goalkeepers were first class today, Riley in the first half and then Josh in the second half. 

Alex used his pace and attack perfectly and the opposition had no answer for it. Aidan was strong with his ball control and with some quick releases, was able to breakdown their defense in the middle of the pitch to set up exciting forward movements for us. 

Layla and Issy were all over their forward running players in defense, running them into tight positions in the corner and forcing turnovers with their challenges, to the extent that one of their players remarked after the game how "scared he was of those girls". 

Layla again showed the fighting spirit taking a heavy ball first to the stomach, then to the head, but on both occasions, immediately shaking it off and remaining focused on wining the ball. Also her attack and acceleration with the ball was brilliant, well done Layla! 

Determination and concentration in our attacking half paid off with two great goals by Alex, one in good combination with Aidan and Lachlan Toole scored his first goal of the season with an awesome strike in the second half. 

Player of the week was Riley whose efforts in goals in the first when Sringwood were firing hard were inspirational. He looked composed and in complete control, at one stage deflecting a ball that was heading for the top corner with an effort Mark Schwarzer would be proud of! He then back up with a determined second half effort in defence, repelling any attack that came his way. Great game Riley. 

Special mention also to Josh whose second half effort in goals was also outstanding. Again Josh is so confident and in control in goals and leads from the front for his team with complete dominance in that position. Great stuff Josh! 

At the end of the day, the scoresheet reflects that our defence stood up by containing Springwood really well and also we got reward for our attacking efforts with some great goals. 

So all in all, a great return! 

This was a really good performance by our team and I’m extremely pleased and proud of everyone. 

Well done team!

Goal Scorers

Alex – 2, Lachlan Toole – 1

Player of the Match