Match Report Prem Res – 12 June, 2006

vs Blaxland
Opposition Score 1
Match Report Bluey’s Teach Blaxland all about Soccer
In the local derby Reserve Grade game, the Blueys showed their superiority when they downed Blaxland 5-1.
The game, which was played in an atmosphere of good sportsmanship, was a joy to watch, especially for the lads on the Hill, who supported the Blueys.
All the team played well and it is a shame that Brian “Stretch” Ostrowski succumbed to a groin injury and had to be replaced 5 minutes before half time.
Sean Burns took charge with his voice, which was heard in the Canteen, I spoke to him after the game and told him that he played well, and Sean, being the humble person that he is, felt that he could have played better, but he did agree with me when I told him that his voice was well heard, by the players and spectators.
Man-of-the-Match, Tony Kingsley, who had been scoreless up until last weekend, when he scored 2 against Werrington Croatia, doubled his goal-scoring when he put in 4 good ones in the the back of the net.
Anthony Patterson, scored the other goal.
The boys were very impressive and I can see no reason why they can’t take out the Cup again this year.
Goal Scorers Tony Kingsley 4
Anthony Patterson 1
Player of the Match Tony Kingsley