Match Report O35.4W (27-04-2014)





St Clair



Match Report

It was a dark and stormy day that saw the 35 Whites have their FIRST GAME of the season! We had some good results during the trials but were keen to see if this would translate into points … and it did!

With a 5-0 score line, the team brought home 3 points, a healthy goal difference, and took a number of players off the traditional nudy run list!

Cranky followed the ball all the way into the keeper and was rewarded with a goal; Johnny bagged two goals (one off his shin and the other was a sizzling half-volley); Hollywood scored a well placed goal soon after half time; and Dez scored a pearler (shooting from the right side of field with the left foot into the left corner!).

BK had the defence running like a well-oiled machine with Slider, Disco, GB, Muz (aka Tombraider) and Muz (aka Turtle) muffling the attacks. The defence also played the halves in on many occasions. The halves ruled their domain clocking up some kilometres and some good play. Dez, Crank, Dirty and Johnny mostly played in these positions. Shotgun, Bruce and Franky took on the opposition’s defence.

Thanks to Franky and Bruce for goal keeping. An impeccable record to date for both keepers! I think we could all hear Bruce’s heart beating as St Clair sent a shot in from the kick off!! Once Dez brought in the "a case donation if you’re chipped" rule … Bruce never left his line and the opposition never troubled him again 🙂

We can never talk too much on the field, letting each other know what’s happening and providing an option. So keep talking guys. See you for training on Wednesday! Nicely played today!

Goal Scorers

Johnny, Cranky, Hollywood, Dez

Player of the Match