Match Report O35.4W (20-07-2014)

Match Report O35.4W (20-07-2014)








Match Report

It was a dark and stormy morning that the team took to their final game of the season (at the birthplace of the BM Devil). It was a top of the table match (of two halves) and the team had a couple of milestones to reach.

Could we make the tonne in soccer (a goal difference of 50)? And could we maintain an unbeaten record for the season?

The answer was in the wind (so long as you weren’t down wind of Dirty!).

The team took to the field and took control with some great possession play. Twenty minutes (of sustained pressure) later, Dez hit the back of the net. Ninety minutes of hard work saw the brothers of the Blues reach all goals with the team finishing with 6 goals! Well 5 goals officially (sorry Slash!).

Dez, having scored 4 goals, felt so sorry for the opposition that he shared the team’s BBQ with them. Or was it the cunning of a master planner, leading into the semi finals???

The Fox added to his tally with a perfect chip.

Great effort all over the park, guys.

Moving into the semis, we should expect an extra 20% from all of the teams. Lets train hard (and smart).

Photo caption … How many soccer players does it take to put up a net?



Goal Scorers

Dez (4), The Fox

Player of the Match