Match Report O35.4W (15-06-2014)

Match Report O35.4W (15-06-2014)





St Clair



Match Report

It was a dark and stormy afternoon that the Over 35 Four Whites took on St Clair. Both teams had watched the opening games of the World Cup and had lofty ideas about how they could put all they saw into practice šŸ˜‰

Thankfully, we had the advantage of an on-site consultant. Turtle had taken off for Brazil 10 days ago and was feeding back first hand intel for the team to digest. And with this intel came the final scoreline of 7 to Nil!!!

The afternoon was full of thank yous. Thank you to Turtle for enjoying his time in Brazil; thank you for Dez’s 5 goals; thank you for Shotgun for his foul throw (and subsequent offer to be the team’s first sponsor to the value of a case of beer!); thank you to Hurley for his stand and deliver goal; thank you to Pirate for getting axed in the opposition’s goal box and allowing yours truly to get off the nudy run (goodness knows you have performed a service to the team!); and a thank you to all the work off the ball (attacking, defending, calling, managing, keeping!). Awesome job. Whilst the team is still seeking further sponsors, the following instruction is offered.


Goal Scorers

Dez (5), Steve the Fox Hurley (1) and Disco (Direct penalty thanks to Pirate!)

Player of the Match