Match Report O35.4W (01-06-2014)








Match Report

It was a dark and stormy day that the O35.4W’s take on second place Colo at the Colo-drome.

During the week the media speculated whether or not the million dollar transfer of Brent into the soaring Blue Mountains squad would result in further success. Brent burst onto the scene in 2012 and in his first run with the Blueys he didn’t disappoint. He may have even nabbed a goal except I couldn’t get out of the way of his strike!

It was important coming into this game that we kept our eye on the ball, as we knew the opposition wouldn’t pull any punches.

Slasher took one for the team by putting on the No1 jersey and brought it home with a clean sheet. Congratulations too to Hollywood who added to his tally of clean sheets!!

A little side-line story takes us to place that the team tries to avoid like the plague. Dez’s undies. Unusually, Dez found himself out of sorts this morning. He later admitted to being a little superstitious about not having time to iron his underwear prior to the game. Nevertheless, the midfield maestro led his troops to victory once again!

The first half was fast paced. We had the majority of possession and worked hard for it. The first goal, by chance, almost came from a strike from the opposition defender. Dez played a ball through the line and the defender struck that ball with venom, straight at the goal, skimming the post (for a near miss).

Goals are not deserved, goals are made and that’s what Dez did to take the team into half time with a 1 goal lead.

The second half started with the team needing to dig deep to take back control. And this is when Turtle opened his account. Turtle, who was expertly weaving his magic up front, sent the ball into the back of the net. 1 week before his trip of a lifetime to Brazil, he took his name off the nudy run!! And he was one happy soldier with a draft! As he made his way back to his half, the elastic in his shorts must have given way as there, in the middle of the day, was a bright, bright, bright half moon!!!

Our long necked reptile hadn’t closed his account though! He finished with two GOALS!!

The other midfield maestro, Crank, added another goal to the scoreline and the team went to 4. Was this to be the end? No! With a handball in the box, there was the opportunity to take the team to 5. With a little breathing space, Dez decided to put Bruce in front of the ball. Bruce stepped up to the mark with gusto. He knew this was his chance to get off the nudy run list. As he steadied, he made a plan to hit the ball low. However, as he began his run, something catastrophic must have happened as he mooned the ball!!!! You’ve all heard of someone skying the ball. Well, after today, a new phrase has been coined for extreme circumstances … mooning the ball!

With 90 minutes played, it certainly proved to be a game of two halves.

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