Match Report O35.4B (21-05-2014)





Blue Mountains White



Match Report

On this dark n hazy night the two giants of Division 4 came together in a mate v mate battle to the esky.

Whites, looking positively stunning in the purple, started off in great fashion having us pinned down in our own half for the majority of time. i myself was blinded by the sea of lilac and could not see past half way, which was good, as we never got there. 3 first half goals were the result of the dominance which left us behind the preverbial 8 ball.

2nd half started a lot better for us with better pressing, marking and a bit more territory. However the purple people eaters put 2 more away to be in a commanding postion. We never stopped trying and got a deserved goal near the end to go with the effort we had showed.

I agree with the Whites – it’s strange to play against your own club, but it was played in the right spirit, but with a competitive edge. Bragging rights to to the Whites, but was a good game with few beers afterwards (the way it should be).

Well played, everyone.

Goal Scorers

too many versus not enough

Player of the Match

Michael Hampson for us