Match Report O35.4B (18-05-2014)





St Clair



Match Report

It was a dark and stormy night (is there any other kind) :), as the Blacks headed down the hill to do battle with St Clair.  We were fresh from our catwalk debuts in team photos – Australia’s Next Top Model have nothing to fear.

We were 5 players down, so a big effort was needed to try and get our 3rd win. Started off on fire, dominating possession and not giving the opposition a sniff.  Dominance finally paying off with 2 goals from Dave; the 2nd one from 75 yards on the half turn with the left foot… Glorious!!!

2nd half followed the same pattern with Dean, the keeper, completing 4 chapters of the WWE Handbook on his kindle due to our unbelievable defensive efforts and his boredom. Sealer came when Craig Maynard drilled one through the St Clair keeper, literally with the ball coming out other side and in net 3-0.

We look forward to our mid-week game with the Whites under what, I’m sure, will be dark ‘n stormy skies, with beers to follow – should be a great game.

Goal Scorers

Dave Rogers 2, Craig Maynard 1.

Player of the Match