Match Report – O35.3 – 24 May 2015

Match Report – O35.3 – Game Date: 24 May 2015

BMFC O35.3: 3
St Marys Band Club Rangers FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Rusty, Disco G and Pirate

Player of the Match:

Match Report: It was a dark and stormy morning that the team took to the field.

We were saddened in the news that Grasshopper’s mum, Madeline Page, who was a lifetime member of the Club had passed away. Madeline was a part of the Women’s Auxilliary (a thing of the past now) who were the engine room of the Club’s catering and revenue raising. Most of us knew Madeline as a spectator from time to time.

We took to the field with black bands and a promise to play our hardest from the whistle. We took the game to the opposition and we began to take more possession. Our first goal was a brave affair. The ball was played through the oppositions back line, bouncing at head height in front of a sprinting Rusty. The difficulty was that the keeper was coming out to challenge the ball at the same time. Rusty made the split second decision to risk his neck and play the ball … which came off his head to just clear the keeper and put the score at 1-0.

Some further hard work from ALL OVER the field lead to the second goal which came off a Disco left foot. I knew I had connected with the ball and that it was heading in the vicinity of the goal, but I didn’t get to see it leave my foot as I was busy wearing a late body check from the midfielder. Possibly it was being knocked off the ball that provided the perfect amount of bend, to see the ball in the top left corner!!

Continuing on, the team kept up the intensity and the basics of being first to the ball. The third goal came from a skid free kick. Like a number of his free kicks today, they landed right in the danger zone … and on this particular free kick, the Pirate was in perfect position to take the ball and knock it passed the keeper!!!!

A great effort from the first second … right through to the end … all together.